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To install in Unraid, the easiest setup will be to use the Community Applications app. Once the app is installed, go to the App tab and search for cross-seed. Click on the "Install" button. This will take you to the template configuration.


Volume Mappings

Cross-seed needs to access 3 directories: an input directory with torrent files, an output directory for cross-seed to save new torrent files, and a config directory.

Config TypeNameContainer PathHost PathAccess Mode
PathInput/torrents/path/to/torrent/client/session/dirRead Only

Port Mappings

Cross-seed can listen for HTTP requests for when a torrent finishes downloading or you receive an announce.


If you don't need to use these features from outside of Docker, then you can skip this step.

Config TypeNameContainer PortHost PortConnection Type


Below is a screenshot of what your docker container configuration might look like. Now, you can try starting the docker container and editing the resulting configuration file in the next step.


You can start the container to create the config file path.

Configuration File

After the container has been created, we need to add a configuration file. Open a terminal in Unraid and issue the following commands:

cd /mnt/user/appdata/cross-seed
curl -o config.template.docker.js
cp config.template.docker.js config.js

From here, you can edit the configuration to your liking through either nano or whatever method you use to edit your files.

Start your container and check the logs. You should see something along the lines of:

Configuration file already exists.
info: Validating your configuration...
info: Your configuration is valid!
info: [server] Server is running on port 2468, ^C to stop.


cross-seed runs in Daemon mode by default on Unraid.

If you would like to schedule a periodic scan of your library, set the searchCadence option. If you would like to set up RSS scans, set the rssCadence option. If you would like to automatically check for cross-seeds when a download finishes, learn how to set up automatic searches for finished downloads.